i suppose here’s the best place to announce it, so i’ll say it: i’m basically finished with this album i’ve been working on!
‘basically’ means that i’m still tinkering with the tracklisting, messing with the mastering and whatnot. but it’s pretty much done and i’m proud of this thing! dang!
my debut album is called fantasy and i have no idea when it will be out there… i’ll probably release some singles soon
edit 12/4/2019:
well, i guess i was lying… my album was not done in july.
thankfully, it is now!
fantasy is a rock album with 14 songs; it does not include any of the singles i released in the last year or so, which come from prior unreleased albums.
i’m guessing i’ll release fantasy at some point early next year. hopefully sooner than later! i swear it’s some next-level stuff– that’s the only reason i’m putting it out– and i sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it.
love you!