oh man!
my debut album fantasy is officially out now!
streaming links to fantasy are right here
it’s a long time coming, took me a lot of work, etc., but it honestly could have come sooner. it’s been done for a minute. but my procrastination + a pandemic = delays. it’s also not my first album, really… it’s just the first one i felt ok enough with to march into public.
the album, like all my albums, is kind of a perfect playlist for myself; it goes through a lot of SPECIFIC moods and sounds and what-have-yous while sticking to a broader theme, which is, essentially, how people deceive themselves.
 i’m not sure how i came to write a whole album about it, but most people live in a fantasy world these days.
thank you for reading this. i hope the next album comes quicker than this one.

just put out yet another single from my new album.
this one’s “less Alone”. what to say? uhh. well. “it’s a vibe”. listen here
it’s also my best friend cubbi’s birthday today!  i would have scheduled my song differently but i’m bad at looking at calendars. after you’ve listened to my song [which, if you’re here, you will do, of course], you should spend some time with his music.
note to self: change this terrible, yet vaguely evocative font.
love you!
today another song is out from my album Fantasy.
It’s called “Honnold”. listen here. it’s much lower-key than the last single, and i didn’t make a video, because i realized it would end up looking like a trailer for the documentary that inspired me to write the song in the first place. as for what that documentary is, well, if you’re really interested, you can start by googling the title of the song.
and that’s pretty much all i want to say about this one. 
in other statements: if you’re reading this prior to eradication of SARS-COV-2, i hope you’ve done your part to convince your friends and family to stay the fuck inside for the foreseeable future.
that’s all. love you!
so I just put out the first single from my debut album!
it’s called “Corn Syrup”. listen here.
sound-wise, it shows what i’ve been up to with my own music the last couple of years… just trying to make rock music that does new things. inspired by metal, hip-hop, psychedelic stuff, atmospheric stuff, electronic stuff.
writing-wise, it’s about the very 2019-2020 feeling of considering the wider state of culture, society, and your place in it, and finding yourself totally numb to the incontrovertible fact that everything’s a mess. 
it goes a lot of places, and the whole thing’s kind of a lot; it’s certainly not intended as background music. 
i hope you’re into it. the album version is a couple minutes longer.
the lyric video i stitched together for “corn syrup” explores similar themes to the song, through flight and space imagery.
love you!
well, i guess i was lying… my album was not done in july.
thankfully, it is now!
fantasy is a rock album with 14 songs; it does not include any of the singles i released in the last year or so, which come from prior unreleased albums.
i’m guessing i’ll release fantasy at some point early next year. hopefully sooner than later! i swear it’s some next-level stuff– that’s the only reason i’m putting it out– and i sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it.
love you!
i suppose here’s the best place to announce it, so i’ll say it: i’m basically finished with this album i’ve been working on!
‘basically’ means that i’m still tinkering with the tracklisting, messing with the mastering and whatnot. but it’s pretty much done and i’m proud of this thing! dang!
my debut album is called fantasy and i have no idea when it will be out there… i’ll probably release some singles soon.